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In the vibrant city of Al Ain, Real Health Medical Center stands as a beacon for advanced allergy and immunology care. As a leading institution in this specialized field, we offer comprehensive solutions for a wide range of allergic and immunological conditions.

All Types of Congenital Immuno-Deficiency: Our team is adept at diagnosing and managing congenital immune deficiencies, ensuring that patients receive the right care from infancy through adulthood.

Allergic Conjunctivitis: Red, itchy eyes can be more than just an annoyance. We provide effective treatments to alleviate symptoms and address the root cause.

Atopic & Contact Dermatitis, Urticarial and Angioedema: Skin reactions can be distressing. Our experts diagnose the triggers and offer tailored treatments to soothe and heal the skin.

Allergic Rhinitis: Seasonal or year-round, we help patients breathe easier by managing sneezing, congestion, and other symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Hyper-Eosinophilia & Dermatitis: Our comprehensive approach ensures that conditions like hyper-eosinophilia and various forms of dermatitis are managed effectively.

Drug Reaction & Food Allergies: Adverse reactions to drugs or foods can be life-altering. We provide thorough testing and management strategies to ensure patient safety.

Anaphylaxis: As a life-threatening allergic reaction, anaphylaxis requires immediate attention. Our clinic is equipped to provide rapid and effective care.

Sinusitis & Asthma: Chronic sinusitis and asthma can severely impact quality of life. Our specialists offer advanced treatments to manage and alleviate symptoms.

Latex Allergies & Insect Stinging Reaction: From latex sensitivities to reactions from insect stings, we provide comprehensive care to ensure patient safety and comfort.

Vacuities: Inflammation of the blood vessels, or vacuities, requires specialized care. Our team offers expert diagnosis and treatment options.

At Real Health Medical Center in Al Ain, we’re committed to providing the highest standard of care in allergy and immunology. Our team of specialists stays updated with the latest research and techniques, ensuring that patients receive the most advanced treatments available. Whether you’re dealing with a common allergy or a complex immunological condition, trust us to guide you on your journey to better health.